Total Joint Replacement Therapy Initiative

Our mandate is to help you to return to your highest level of mobility in the comfort and convenience of your own home as quickly as possible following knee or hip replacement surgery. The length of your hospital stay varies, but is typically about three days. Upon discharge, MyLife will follow you home to begin your intensive rehabilitation therapy program, or, if need be, to a skilled nursing facility before arriving back home where we will continue your therapy.

Designed to get you walking functionally and independently faster than other home care practice protocols, the MyLife program accelerates therapy sessions-typically five of the first seven days that you are home from the hospital.

Pre-Operative Services

Once you and your physician have selected MyLife Home Health as your home health care provider, our nurse liaison will meet with you prior to your hospitalization to educate you about what to expect with your outcome including:

  • What to expect from your home health care team
  • Medications and equipment which may be ordered by your physician
  • Exercises you’ll need to perform post surgery
  • Specific post- operative precautions
  • Recommendations regarding bathroom and bathing protocol
  • Q&A with your physical therapist

When you enter the hospital, be sure to tell the hospital discharge planners that you are already enrolled in MyLife’s Total Joint Replacement Therapy Initiative and assure them that a MyLife Nurse Liaison will be following your progress to assure the discharge process to home is a smooth one.

Post-Operative Services

As soon as you return home from the hospital or skilled nursing facility your intensive rehabilitation therapy program will commence.

A personalized plan of care will be developed for your specific needs which may include:

  • Skilled nursing and therapy visits
  • Medication management and blood draws
  • Oversight of exercise programs to decrease swelling and stiffness, improve joint motion and increase muscle strength
  • Recommendations for home safety including bathing, dressing, getting out of bed, climbing stairs, and other routine activities for daily living
  • Direction for the proper usage of durable medical equipment and assistive devices that may be needed – walkers, canes, crutches.

Diminishing your pain is key in your recovery. Pain management is required to dramatically reduce your pain on a daily basis. MyLife’s skilled staff will teach you methods for relieving pain and will ensure that your pain medication is properly administered with the oversight of both your physician and our physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors.