Elaine from Evanston
—    “I simply adore both my MyLife nurse and the physical therapist who assists me.  Quite simply they look after me to ensure that I am capable of living independently in my senior living facility.  Its home to me and my friends all live there.  Without MyLife, I might be forced to live under different circumstances.”

Barry from Glen Ellyn
–  “My home health providers are excellent.  After surgery for a knee replacement, the MyLife nurses were diligent in monitoring my progress and explaining to me what I should expect in the way of recovery.  My MyLife physical therapist really worked with me and insisted that I continue my home exercise program independent of my therapy sessions.  To be sure, my recovery was expedited by the superior and caring service of MyLife.  I wouldn’t hesitate to tell my friends about them!”

Alisa fro
m Chicago
—  “Before MyLife was introduced to me I had no idea where to turn for help for my aging mother.   The professionals at MyLife worked with Mom’s primary care physician to develop a comprehensive plan to make the decision to live at home the right one for us.  Its what my mom wanted.  They not only provided nursing care and a full compliment of therapists; speech, PT and OT but after mom was sufficiently recovered from a minor stroke, they provided a caregiver to stay with her during the day while I was at work.  Thank you MyLife!  You saved not only mine but my mothers as well!”